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May - 2014

PREVIEW - the story of THE THING IN THE CLOUDS continues!

Hey, ya want some? Well, come on up to this new place I been goiní to. Mattie got me to cominí here, if ya been following that little adventure (there is speculation that Mattie may be an angel). See that dock? You can stand there and catch supper in about three minutes. Thereís bass and big bluegills and some kind of catfish thing that cooks up just like the best steak you ever had. Donít never need to shoot none of them deer. And the taters just grow up out of the ground on a little stalk and you can pick all you need. All kinds of green stuff too, just there for the pickiní. Donít worry Ďbout bringiní no beer. Ya see that little spring there? That water is betterín beer, and donít give ya no headache, either. The landlord, he lives just over that mountain. Itís an easy walk on that little trail you see goiní through that pass there. Heís got a big shiny whopper of a palace over there. Come Sunday we go over there and mostly He just tells us how to help others to come up to their own place like this. A lotta hugginí and sometimes some singiní goes on, if youíre in the mood. Mattie tells me that someday I will come here and will never have to leave. She says my wife will be up here, too. You oughta see my wife when she has a fish on, funnest thing in the world, betterín me catchiní one. Ainít been able to do that for awhile now, so thatís gonna be fun again. Well, I gotta beat it now, but I hope youíll come up for a visit. I go there most nights but dang, always wake up back in my bed. Mattie says that one of these nights, Iíll wake up there, so Iím alookiní ahead to that. Maybe see ya there tonight? Come on up, I got a rod for you. You donít need to bring a thing. Just believe. Then if you believe, someday you can have your own place and we can take turns cookiní up them fried fish and potatoes.

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